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AvSec Consulting Pty Ltd (AvSec) was formed in 2007 and provides a complete range of security consulting and training services.

Today, AvSec draws on the expertise of aviation and general security consultants from Australia, Israel, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom. Our consultants have extensive experience as senior executives with airlines, airports, private sector security and with government and international authorities.

Our Directors

AvSec's Directors are former Executive Security Managers with Qantas Airways.

Steve Lawson

Mr. Stephen (Steve) Lawson, is an internationally known expert on aviation security. He has over twenty years’ experience in aviation security in various security management roles with Qantas Airways, the Office of Transport Security and with AvSec Consulting, before which he served as a Police Detective.

Steve holds a Masters of Business Administration; a Graduate Certificate in Commerce; Diploma in Security and Risk Assessment; Diploma in Management; and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. He is a qualified Lead Auditor and holds an IATA Internal Auditor qualification. He is a Member of the Australasian Institute of Policing and writes regularly for Security Solutions Magazine.

William Dent

Mr. William (Bill) Dent, has over twenty years’ experience in security intelligence, threat and risk, both with the Australian Government and in the private sector where he worked for Qantas Airways as its International Security Risk Manager. Bill is a former member of ASIS International’s council on Global Terrorism, Political Instability and International Crime.

Bill holds a Bachelor of Arts; Masters of Business Administration; Diploma in Security and Risk Assessment; Diploma in Management; and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.. He is a qualified ICAO Auditor and Trainer and holds an IATA Internal Auditor qualification. He is Member of the Risk Management Institution of Australasia.


Online Induction Training


Air Cargo Agent Training


Security Consulting


Air Cargo Consulting & Training

AvSec Consulting has been an Australian Regulated Air Cargo Training Organisation since the inception of that programme. With recent changes to government training systems, wWe continue to provide online and face to face air cargo training tailored to your organisation.

For further information see Links or go to http://raca.training/

AvSec Consulting staff include former heads of security for major air cargo operators with global responsibility for their organisations.

We can provide advice and assistance for businesses wishing to become or to transition to either the Accredited Air Cargo Agent (AACA) or Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA) classification. Especially in the writing of the Transport Security Program.

Additionally, we offer practical, focused and operationally relevant audits of air cargo operations. Many RACA Transport Security Programs (TSP) contain a requirement to have an independent audit against their TSP every two (2) years.

Online Training

Training for any organisation is important, no more so than in aviation where it is usually required by ICAO Annex 6.

Face to face training, while effective and in many instances vital, is expensive but many organisations forget the "hidden" costs such as:

  • Facilities;
  • Instructors;
  • Participants salaries and benefits;
  • Opportunity costs;
  • Communication and marketing.

AvSec Consulting provides online training that has proven to be more time effective, more cost effective than face to face training.  Our system can include participant verification using a webcam.  An image of the person answering an online question is included in the question response, proving who answered the question.

For further information see Links or go to http://demo.avsec.training/

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